My name is Lauren Tupper and I am a Lowcountry (Charleston, SC) native. I was fortunate enough to have grown up in two towns. Downtown Summerville (about 40 minutes outside of Charleston) and 5th block of Folly Beach. My childhood came complete with all of the fishing, shelling, crabbing, culinary experiences, and excitement that you could ever dream of. The smell of pluff mud and the taste of sea salt is so ingrained in me that it runs through my veins. This business started randomly as a result of the pandemic situation where we were forced to slow down and smell the salt in the air. An oyster obsession turned into a small craft business, which shifted into art, fishing, and finally, making food or food products that bring me closer to my roots. I am thankful for the doors that were closed that allowed me to slow it down and find something that brings me true joy. Follow your passions (no matter how many there are), DO ALL THE THINGS because you never know what you are good at until you try it, and be the BADASS that you are.